Jobs We’re Hiring For

Construction of the Muskrat Falls Project, including the generating facility, transmission lines and other project infrastructure, is well underway.

The project is creating significant employment opportunities for qualified workers in skilled trades and professional occupations at construction sites around the province as well as at our project offices. In 2014, employment on the project peaked at just over 4,000 people and more than 80% of those workers were residents of Newfoundland and Labrador.

As with all large construction projects, employment levels, skills and experience requirements will vary significantly over the course of the project depending on the type of work being undertaken and as various phases of work are carried out and completed.  As construction on the project continues to advance, different qualifications and worker expertise is required. Current job requirements for the project are identified below.

Muskrat Falls Generation Facility
Construction of site infrastructure, including the accommodations complex, administrative buildings, and contractors’ facilities, is now complete at Muskrat Falls. The primary focus of construction is now on concrete placement for the powerhouse and spillway structures.

Astaldi Canada, the contractor for this work at Muskrat Falls, is generally staffed for the 2015 construction season but will require limited numbers of journeyperson carpenters, carpenter helpers, and labourers with previous industrial concrete placement experience. Additional information can be obtained from Astaldi Canada here.

The accommodations complex is fully functional and staffed by kitchen and service staff. Support roles at site, such as office staff and bus transportation, are also staffed. Major workforce growth is not foreseen in these areas at this time.

Right-of-way clearing for the HVac transmission line between Muskrat Falls and Churchill Falls is complete, the majority of towers have been erected and crews have started stringing the conductor (wire) for the line.

Valard Construction, the project’s transmission line contractor, has mobilized its workforce for transmission line construction in Labrador. It has crews deployed for construction of the HVac transmission line as well as for the 1,100 km Labrador-Island Transmission Link from Muskrat Falls to the Avalon Peninsula, where right-of-way clearing is underway in Labrador and on the island, and tower erection has started in Labrador. Significant additional workforce increases for transmission construction are not expected in Labrador at this time.

Springdale Forestry, Johnson’s Construction, and C&T Enterprises Ltd.  are working on right-of-way clearing and access road construction for the Labrador-Island Link. Work is taking place in Labrador and on the island.

Important Information: Positions with IBEW 1620, Labrador-Island Transmission Link
For unionized positions on the transmission line between Muskrat Falls and Soldiers Pond, candidates must register with and monitor the IBEW job line to view and bid on available jobs. Learn more here or by visiting

Current Trade Requirements

  • Journeyperson carpenters, scaffolders, and rebar workers
  • Labourers with large scale industrial concrete experience
  • Truck Drivers – class 1, 2, and 3 licenses with 5 years + experience with articulated rock trucks operating on rough terrain

Professional Opportunities – Project Delivery Team
The Lower Churchill Project regularly recruits for positions with the project delivery team based in St. John’s and at our work sites throughout Newfoundland and Labrador.

The project has contracted a number of professional recruitment service providers to assist in identifying qualified candidates for the project delivery team. Anyone interested should contact these service providers directly for further information about opportunities with the project delivery team. See the link below for contact information.

Current Opportunities – Project Delivery Team

We are currently hiring for the following positions for our project delivery team:

  • Site Electrical Engineer – 1 Position – (C1 – Muskrat Falls Generation) – Location Muskrat Falls – Closing 23 October 2017
  • Site Planner – 1 Position – (C1 – Muskrat Falls Generation) – Location Muskrat Falls – Closing 30 October 2017


For more information or to apply to the positions listed above, please contact the project’s recruitment service providers.