Frequently Asked Questions

Who is qualified to work on the project?
Nalcor has awarded contracts to multiple contractors who are responsible for specific scopes of work with the project. Contractors determine how many workers are needed and the qualifications/certifications required for each position. For designated trades, this normally includes journeyperson or registered apprenticeship status as well as relevant experience for the task. For non-designated jobs, this normally includes appropriate safety certifications, licenses, as well as relevant experience.

Do I have to be in a union to get a job?
No, however you will be represented by the union specific to your trade if you accept employment on the project. Nalcor has established collective agreements with the RDTC (Resource Development Trades Council of NL), IBEW (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers) and the Labourers’ International Union of North America and Construction and General Labourers’ Union, Rock and Tunnel Workers Local 1208, for the project. Collective agreements for the project are available here.

When will jobs start/be needed?
Construction for the hydroelectric generating facility and other project infrastructure is currently underway in Labrador and on the island. As with all large construction projects, the requirement for different jobs and the skills required will vary throughout construction depending on the work that is being carried out at a given time. As construction on the project continues to advance, different qualifications and worker expertise is required. The project’s contractors will determine when workers are needed and the qualifications of each position.

Are contractors and unions really going to use the website to hire people?
Yes. The database is already being used to fill positions.

Once I register, how long will it take before I hear back about a job?
The number of positions and types of jobs will vary throughout the project. As a result, there is no set timeframe as to when you will hear back about potential opportunities. Visit the Jobs We’re Hiring For section of this website to learn more about current requirements.

Can’t I just fax my resume?
The most effective way to ensure your information is accessible to potential employers is to register with You may also find it helpful to contact contractors and the union representatives directly. Contact information for employers and unions is available under the employer contacts section of this website and updated regularly.

I’m an apprentice. Will there be any jobs available to me?
Yes, there will be apprentices employed by contractors on the project.

What type of jobs will be available?
Dozens of occupations are required during construction, but the number of positions and types of jobs will vary throughout construction depending on the work required for each phase. Click here to learn more about current activities and requirements.

Will there be employment opportunities for people in professional occupations, such as engineers, accountants or administrative professionals?
Yes. In addition to job opportunities for skilled tradespeople during construction, the Lower Churchill Project also regularly recruits for positions with the project delivery team based in St. John’s and at our work sites throughout Newfoundland and Labrador. To view positions we are currently hiring for, as well as a list of recruitment service providers currently used by the project team, visit the Jobs We’re Hiring For section of this website.

Will accommodations be provided at the Muskrat Falls site in Labrador?
Yes. For the hydroelectric generating facility, a 1,500-person complex , offering quality meals and accommodations, high-speed internet and recreation facilities is available for those employed at the site.