Jobs We’re Hiring For

Construction of the Muskrat Falls Project is well underway. The project is creating employment opportunities for qualified workers in skilled trades and professional occupations at the Muskrat Falls site as well as at our project offices.

As with all large construction projects, employment levels, skills and experience requirements will vary significantly over the course of the project depending on the type of work being undertaken and as various phases of work are carried out and completed.  As construction on the project continues to advance, different qualifications and worker expertise is required.

Professional Opportunities – Project Delivery Team
The Lower Churchill Project regularly recruits for positions with the project delivery team based in St. John’s and at our work sites throughout Newfoundland and Labrador.

The project has contracted a number of professional recruitment service providers to assist in identifying qualified candidates for the project delivery team. Please contact these service providers directly for further information about opportunities with the project delivery team. Learn more here.